Concession of the Ilindentsi Field, Central 1 Section

There is also a concession for Vratsa limestone at Cremona Field, which is not currently used (the term of the concession is 25 years). Collaboration with Ilindenski mramor for gneiss quarries and barite. Details of the EU project: Contract No. BG16RFOP002-1.001-0052-C01, Project name: Integration of Innovative Production Processes in Ilindenski mramor Ltd.


  • 1. Lukovit – concession for a field; the concession contract is underway. Contract and preparation of an environmental impact assessment
  • 2. Aglikina Polyana – greyish-white, white and coloured marble – an environmental impact assessment is underway
  • 3. Belitsa – in the region of Ilindentsi for grey and greyish-white marble (These fields are currently the subject of negotiations for future concessions)